A Scene from the Grand Tetons,Wyoming.
An original oil by Mike Scovel

Portraits of rough and rowdy women and gracious, weather-worn gents of the West are just some of the characters one is likely to find in a Mike Scovel painting. But Scovel work also includes serious landscapes and sculpture, and all of these have made his art known throughout the world. Scovel's work has been extensively exhibited and his sculptures have won numerous first place awards, including the Gold Medal Award at the 1983 George Phippen Memorial Show.

A founding member of the Cowboy Cartoonists International, Scovel's work has won numerous awards including the first Trumble Family People's Choice Award at the National Cowboy Hall of Fame in 1993. Scovel and wife, Dusti, make their home along the shores of Beaver Lake
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The liner is brand new, the frame is wood, and there are quick release hinges on the back for easy removalto change fames

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