A Personal Reference for Las Vegas, NV car owners:

Several years ago, my car's driver's side power seat recliner back broke, and since the vehicle is a 1994 model, replacing the seat was an impossible task. But, as Reverend Conwell, the founder of Temple University stated, look for the diamonds in your own back yard. I was referred to ABC Dscount Upholstery on East Fremont Street ,and they were able to fix the problem within a couple of hours - the seat now functions like new, and the work was done at a fair price.

I had a second long time problem, and that was a compression hinge spring in the car's trunk. Again, because of the age of the vehicle, a replacement was unavailable. I decided to find a machine shop which could make a new bolt, the part which split, and found one on the 'Net - Accurate Performance Machine Shop, located on W. Desert Inn Road. The technicians did excellent work in bringing the trunk lid back to its original working condition.

Reverend Conwell would have been proud of these two companies - two very worthwhile organizations here in Las Vegas. Both companies have web addresses.

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Hopefully, all,of our visitors will havean excellent 2015. This year is number 17 for cowboyartshow.com's existence online, and itis now time for retirement. As of February 1, 2015, this website and its associated pages will no longer be online - the site name will be retained, as will all content which will be in our archives. If any video or image is needed, starting in February I can be contacted at commonsense@jcsl2s.com. Thank you.

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Shirley Richards, Photography of the American West
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Caroline Obejero, CAPA - Rodeo Pen and Ink

Hugh Campbell, III, The Art of Western Texas
Kerry Adcock, Pencil, Color Pencil, and Ink Texas Artist
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Deborah L. Day, CAPA - Equestrian Artist

Shari Van Alsburg - Rodeo Photography
Julie Rice - Graphite Drawings of the West, Children, and Agriculture
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Anatoly Kalashnikov, Russian Muralist of the American Cowboy and Western Life
Codye Reystead, Custom Painted Cow, Steer, or Buffalo Head Skulls
Zura Ledbetter
Works by Donna Howell-Sickles
Tony Sesma - Western Images. Ltd

Suzana Stojanovic - The Magical World of Horses
Glen and Alan Folsom - Prints, Cartoon, Illustrations
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Abbey Walmsley, Realistic Equine Art
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Traci Hardesty - Blacksmith Artist
Mary Williams Hyde - Photographer of Buckaroo Cowboys
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Tex Wilson.com

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N C S Studio Online

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Steve Rio, Cowboy Artist
Lynes Custom Cowboy Company

Brandi L. Sweet Equine Artist
Val Moker, CAPA - Diversified Art of the West
Jim Stuckenberg - Cowboy & Indian Art Paintings/Bronzes

Don Vernon Gallery online
Elizabeth "Betsy" Carr, CAPA - Wood Sculptures, Prints, Embroidery Patterns
Clare Hobson Equine Art
Al Ruscelli Photography's Rodeo Art

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Tamara Rymer - Western Water Colors
Jenni Leeper - _western and Rodeo Drawings
Ruth Moore - Art of Western Landscape, Horses, and Ranch People

Richard Pahl Photo Art
Phillip Hewitt, Sr., Rodeo and Nature Photography and Oils
Margo Petterson, Portrait Artist and Equine Artist
Shannon Lawlor, Western and Equine Artist

Dixie Lou Wilson, Free Spirit Images of Montana
Ken Chadwick, Pencil Artist of the the Lacassine Bayou
Richard Field Levine, Rodeo Photographer and Ranch Photography

JK Dooley, Giclée Cowboy Art
Jennie Porter. Western Acrylics
Ken Hamblin, Leather Sculptures
Steve Dirksen, Cowboy Artist and Poet
Larry Huston, Western Leather Art
Rafannette Dooley, Cowgirl Bead Art
Vern Friesen, Bronze Sculptores and Oils
Mel Dickson - Cowboy Colorist
Out West Photography
Jim Connelly - Western Oils and Giclee Prints
Chet Dowell - Fine Art Western and Wildlife Photography

Julie Sweda, Decorative Tile Artist
Ruby Ruby Hollembaek, Decorative Bison Skull Art
Juliet Harrison, Fine Equine Photography
Norm Classen, Western Art and Horse Photography

Julie Woods, Western, Equine, Cowboy Pastels
Angie Cook, Pencil Artist - Equine, cats, Dogs, Portraits
Ralph Delby, Cowboy Fine Art
Joe and Kate Haberstroh, Western Art and Poetry

C. Kinford, Western Art & Photography
Michelle Rudland - Digital Western Art
Reina Youngberg - Cowboy Photography
John D. Bowman, Graphite Pencil Western Art and Portraiture
Jorge H. Mata, 3-D Western Art
Clayton Grusing, Professional Rodeo Photography

Floyd Gentry, American Realist drawings and paintings
Gary Atkinson, Western Art, Cowboy Art Pencil Drawings
Nancy G (Greifenhagen), Western, Re-Enacttment, Animal Photography

Bev Pettit, Photographic works - Ranch Rodeos, Horses, Portraits, Asian Scenes
Joseph Fawcett, Cowboy Graphite Drawings

Karen Kelly, Rodeo and Western Digital Photography
Trish Stevenson, Spirited Art of the West
Kim Corpany, Horse Art and Bronze Horse Sculpture

Roberta McGowan, Visual West Photography - Horses, Cowboys,Old West, Rodeo
Ronald Wilkinson, Cowboy and Western Artist

Elizabeth Clarke - Photographic Artist
Robert Anderson's ArtTek Studio
Karen Smith, CAPA - Equestrian Artist and Sculptor

  • The 2003 Williams Lake Stampede Poster

    March 30, 2004: cowboyartshow.com presents the cowboy art of Ron Hauser. Some of Ron's work is presented here for sale on his active studio page.

     >Some rodeo images from 2005 as seen in the Las Vegas Review-Journal
    Four great images for your use background image collection - Enter Here December 10, 2010: Two more rodeo screen saver/slide show downloads have been made for your enjoyment.

  • Rodeo Screen Saver
  • Rodeo Slide Show
    5-09-10:Get a screen saver of rodeo and western scenes - several new screen savers have been added; with and without music. Use this form

    June 2, 2010: Enter here for this 2002 archived NFR rodeo image

    New slide show sample of scenes from NFR...screen savers will be available.

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    Screen Saver - Click Here

    December 6, 2010: ADDED - a new rodeo screen saver you can download - just click here - screen saver made by cowboyartshow.com

     Art Crime

      New services added to cowboyartshow.com include art crime news, as received from the Museum Security Network, which should be interest to all artists and dealers. You can subscribe to the organizations email list on the link provided]

    March 14, 2012: "A Dr.Lori article on spottinga fake

    November 19, 2010: Art Collectors: Know Your Legal Rights "Like walking on water, collecting art and antiques requires a lot of faith. One has to trust one's tastes, the dealer and the market. Still, collectibles are not a religion but commodities whose buying and selling is increasingly being regulated through a growing body of legislation and case law. Consumers need to be aware of their rights and ability to negotiate better deals for themselves."... MORE


    Bronc Rider
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    Your visits are greatly appreciated, and we all wish for you to have a freat holiday season.

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    2011 NFR Scenes - the glory and the pain
    press video arrow to start - videos may take a few seconds to begin, depending upon your browser. The video space may be blank, so just click on the space.

    Added December 16, 2011 - two steer wrestling photos from March, 2006, Laughlin, NV
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     "But what is rich, anyway, if not talent, initiative, and energy". So writes Franco Antonetti in his memoir - the story of how a boy, born in Rome during WWII, was able to emigrate to America, and create the well-known American dream of a long and successful career. This inspiring memoir is available from the author at Amazon books. Order directly from the author for a personalized copy of his memoir.

    If you enjoy bull fighting [titled Bull Breakers], Watch this video on women bull fighters - in Portugal, of course
    Archived Rodeo Photos
    From our archives - action at the 2006 NFR

    Bull Riding

    A previously unposted print from Cholla, the late internationally known 'horse who is an artist'

  •  New: A Intarsia wood sculpture from any image - photo or art work - for hanging or free-standing.

    More at Enter here

     A Christmas painting by Cholla from 2005

    <I found this clever and entertaining commercial on my daughter-in-law's Facebook page

    See Rodeo Photos from the archives at bottom of page.
    IE users can click here

    Bulldoggin' at Red Rock Canyon

    Interested in purchasing a print? For full information , send a request today

     August 5, 2011

    Here's a program for those of you who want to make some pretty interesting videos or still images for placement on your web page, or just for send via email. Webcammax.com is a pretty interesting webcam program, which works with a large variety of products. I'm using it with a Logitech HD Webcam C270 camera/software, and it performs very well with that system.

    Webcammax offers the user the ability to add effects to your videos - effects that in the past I have only been able to add to my videos with expensive programs. Since I have been adding graphics, including text, and image inserts to works I have done since the middle of the '80s, it's a pleasure to come across a program whic has greatly simplified that operation. For business or pleasure use, Webcammax is a viable product. Of course, it's not perfect. Problems arose when adding some of the special effects - notably short-term page freezing. This computer is Windows XP-SP3, with 4GB memory, and is well loaded with files,etc., so that may be the cause of the "problem".

    But overall, it's an enjoyable program to use, inexpensive, and appears to be worth the cost.
    Joe Chernicoff

    February, 2011:

    As an artist -photographer,painter, sculptor, etc. - you probably have at least one favorite work you have created. If you want to extend your viewer base, then send an image here - find an email link on this page - and it will be posted. Just make sure to send information about the work, and your conact info.

    Here's how it's done

    Scene from the 2010 Reining International
    if control line does not appear - click arrow to start, double click to enlarge, click to pause, click to stop

    Born on: March 14, 1998

     June, 2009: The following rare art works are offered for sale by a private collector:

  • Karl Priebe, 1914-1947, from 1949, measuring 30"x25"
  • An Authentic Margaret Keane from 1968, 23"x18" (known for the big eye girls)
    Both pieces were presented to the paintings' owner by the artists. If you are interested, please contact me at jc(at)cowboyartshow.com for all information, including images.
  • March 2008: Additional team roping movies added  December 12, 2007: For your enjoyment, a few video clips have been added from the 2008 rodeo finals. Click here to view
    Robert Genn writes about stealing images off the Internet - read his letter here on the CPAI web page
     The first vaquero/cowboy in the New World

    June 17, 2008: Who was the first cowboy in the New World? The answer may surprise you. If we look at historical evidence instead of Hollywood mythology, we learn that a century before the Pilgrims landed, Sebastian de Mendoza, a Spanish Jew, was the first man to appear in Conquista records as a vaquero or cattle driver. We know that de Mendoza was a passenger on the Diego Garcia that left Seville in 1513. And by 1545, according to a royal census, a quarter of the Spaniards in Mexico City were Jews. Many of the secret Jews who fled to Mexico became vaqueros who crossed the Rio Grande-- not the Jordan—as they drove cattle north to feed the early Spanish missions that grew up along the river...more. Also see "Mustang: The Saga of the Wild Horse in the American West" by Deanne Stillman.

    June 26, 2007:
    A new favorite art work has been added to these pages - number 11 in the series, so click this link to see the art!

    June 26, 2007:
    What used to be in Las Vegas - The Last of the "Real" Helldorado Days

    ... and now, back again in 2009, May 5-17, incuding the PRCA rodeo, May 15-17. For more information, enter here.

     February 22, 2007: enhanced rodeo action movie added to the rodeo photos page
    A personal recommendation: More Rodeo Action Images

  • cowboyartshow.com features rodeo action photography and the paintings of award winning and internationally renown artists
  • Team Roping Finals photos from November 21, 2002 opening day at the Team Roping Finals in Laughlin, Nevada

    September 12, 2003
    A "Grand" Ride at the Laughlin Invitational
    ...and here are a few more for you!

    April 13, 2008: An interesting short video on the work of Croatian animal psychiatrists

  • A Featured Photos page
      Click here for some of our favorite photos action...and more bull riding with a great bull riding poem posted January 29,'06.
    Take a look at two Jeanne Nations cowboy and western books.

  • D Bar J Hat Company
    "From my personal experience, I can state that Dave Johnson is one of the best hat makers around" - Joe Chernicoff

  • As Requested - More Calf Roping Images

    Posted January 2006
    Click Here for Some Great Rodeo Action Images from New Zealand!

     Why is art forgery on the rise again?
    December 9, 2012
    By RAMON Lerma at Salcedo Auctions. PHOTO BY ELIZABETH LOLARGA... Continue...

    See this interesting documentary that explains the contradictions in the African antiques world, and why it is sometimes difficult to distinguish between the real and the fake objects [from a link provided by the Museum Security Network]

     Pencil Drawing by New England artist Cecil Snow

    rodeo clown


    Featured Artist

    CPAI member Roberta McGowan has had a successful career as a photojournalist, corporate photographer, and portrait specialist, and has now turned her attention to photgraphing horses, cowbos, the old west, and rodeos. When you see her work, you'll be able to appreciate the value of her former specialties.
    Roberta McGowan

    CPAI member Bev Pettit's photo work makes good use of today's computer technology and digital cameras. Click on image for mnore information...
    Bev Pettit

    CPAI member Erik Weber captures 2nd & 3rd place in photo section of the 2009 Las Vegas Helldorado Days Art Show and Silent Auction (April 25 - May 1), with his photo works "Seven Horses" and "Brown Calf"; Seven Horses was one of the purchased pieces in the show. Click on image below to visit Erik's site.

    Sadly, Leigh Walker, whose works have been shown here, passed away within the past year. Although her works were not in the cowboy/western genere, they were enjoyable to see. For your enjoyment, visit the Art of Leigh Walker, enjoy,her work and be sure to see her 12 new paintings (see the menu box)....

    Updated June, 2012

      Some Black & White Bull Riding Photos added in December, '03
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  •  I receive a number of requests for good restaurant in downtown Las Vegas and off the Strip. When you come into Las Vegas, you have to have a meal at the Triple George Grill, located at 210 N. 3rd Street in Downtown LV. From personal experience, I can tell you that the food, service, and interest in the restaurant's guests is superlative...real "old time Las Vegas" 
    Triple George location

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    The Cowboy Image
    Read this news story of February 2, 2002 - you should find it interesting.

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    Red Rock Attacks
    What's this?

    Recommended - Juliet Harrison's blog/newsletter and her award winning photography

    Download this video clip or just send request the 1209 bull riding clip

    Horse Expo Equine Dream Art Show & Sale - June 13-16, 2014, Cal Expo in Sacramento, CA. Deadline to enter April 12, 2014. For more information, call 800-352-2411.

    From Museum Security Network:
    Fresh vandalism, theft reported at petroglyph site
    April 28, 2010 4:19 PM By JESSICA CEJNAR, staff writer Art older than the Mona Lisa graces the Mojave Desert’s vermillion rocks, yet the only security system that protects it is secrecy and a harsh landscape. Ancient people once carved animals, humanoid figures and intricate pattens into canyon walls for reasons only they know at thousands of sites throughout the desert. But with people accessing these remote areas with off-road vehicles, vandalism and theft has increased. Inscription Canyon, north of Hinkley, is one area people know about. Archaeologist Jim Shearer, who works with the Bureau of Land Management, estimates that between 2,000 and 5,000 people a year visit the site to view its petroglyphs. It bears signs of vandalism and theft as fresh as this year, he said.

    In March, the BLM received reports of people loading up rocks with petroglyphs into a pickup truck, Shearer said. People have also been using Inscription Canyon for target practice. Bullet holes dot some of the remaining petroglyphs. Shearer is currently involved in another archaeological project, but because he’s worried about the potential for theft and vandalism, he won’t publicize the location. Even printing the tribe’s name would reveal the location, he said. “The area is already seeing looting done,” he said.

    Vandalism and theft of an archaeological site is a felony that can carry a 10-year prison sentence, Shearer said. Theft of archaeological sites includes stealing arrowheads, stone tools and coins. Anything that’s more than 50 years old is considered an artifact, Shearer said. Bob Hilburn, Mojave River Valley Museum president and a volunteer with the Society for California Archaeologists’ Site Stewardship Program, said he visited Inscription Canyon in February with a group of archaeologists. Someone had removed the barrier — large logs designed to keep cars out of the canyon — but Hilburn couldn’t tell the new vandalism from the old because of the extent, he said. As a site steward, Hilburn records changes to archaeological areas.

    He also signed a confidentiality agreement with the BLM. If more people became site stewards it would cut down on the amount of vandalism and theft, he said. Hilburn also encouraged witnesses to vandalism and theft to get license plate numbers of the people involved if they can and to report it to the BLM or law enforcement. People involved in the vandalism and theft shouldn’t be approached, he said. “Don’t approach them because they will hurt you,” he said. Contact the writer: (760) 256-4123 or jcejnar@desertdispatch.com

     New: October 28, 2010
    If you like bull fighting, then you may be interested in the annual Switzerland cow fight. Watch this video clip from journeymantv.com

     For your general questions about Cowboy Art Showroom, write to jc@cowboyartshow.com (just copy this address in d paste tis address into your email send line)
    Archived video: NFR clip

    posted 11-20-10

    click any location below to start or stop

    If a "download video" message does not come up for these flash videos, install Real Player

     Some Action Scenes From 2010 NFR Round 2

    posted 12-4-10

    click any location below to start or stop

    The End of an Era ...
    a significant loss

    CHOLLA CHAMBERS 5/20/85 - 3/22/2013

    Cholla Chambers Was a Horse
    He was also an artist.
    His art received two International Art Awards Amongst Human Artists.
    The jurors, judged the art itself, not the source of the art.

    He Was a Masterpiece Himself
    A Supreme Being Who Changed the World
    May his light shine upon us all.

    Cholla's gallery on this site


     The Backstory on the $83 Million Dollar Vase

    Who says art doesn't pay? You've probably heard about the 18th century Chinese vase which recently sold at auction for $83 million

    here is the back story on that art piece.
    January 15, 2013: The failure of the original bidder to settle his obligation forced a sale of the vase for half it's price
      Here's a video our hunting friends should enjoy. Y'all know that sighting in is probably the most important thing you can do before the hunt. So here's a brief video from the Daily Caller showing Sarah Palin shooting a caribou [or, as the story writer wrote, "Palin shooting a reindeer-ha!]

     Enjoy Writing Doggerels? or maybe you just think about writing them, Well, now's your chance to have some fun - just go over to the Diddely Dangley Doo page, and do your best...

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